Java服务器Resin 4.0.18 发布及下载


  • watchdog: set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 variable on 64-bit systems (#4536)
  • access-log: rollover rescheduling of alarm was not reliable (#4540, rep by mros2stf)
  • ant-plugin: ant plugin has been moved to
  • resin-cli: added jmx-list, jmx-set, jmx-call commands
  • health: add OnStart, OnStop, OnRestart health predicates (#4257)
  • scheduled-task: forward with param was causing NPE (#4530, rep by kenjrwalker)
  • web-app: explicit web-app id="/" must override webapps/ROOT (#4531, rep by danielnuriyev)
  • session: distributed sessions now allows jdbc as a backup (#3929, rep by jkriesten)
  • servlet: fragment after/others ordering issues (#4523)
  • cdi: abstract decorators were not properly handled (#4406)
  • servlet: crlf escaping required for response headers because of rewrite-dispatch (#4525)
  • jpa: when jta-data-source is null and JPA fails to start, allow web-app to start w/o error (#4491)
  • watchdog: ResinMXBean now contains information about the last watchdog restart (#4257, rep by Tony Matson)
  • jsp/el: MethodExpr invocation was not applied property (#4515)
  • candi: @Produces on @Stateless with no interfaces (#4513)
  • config: add <data-source> element support (#4487)
  • jsp/el: BeanELResolver isValue/getValue mismatch (#4511, rep by Keith Fetterman)
  • servlet: web-fragment <name> can have an "id" attribute (#4484)
  • candi: ResinBeanContainer beans.xml @Alternatives issue (#4501)
  • candi: ResinBeanContainer JPA/beans.xml ordering issues (#4502)
  • session: add destroy-on-lru flag to session-config to call SessionListener.destroy on a LRU even when session is persisted (#4504)
  • servlet: CauchoRequestWrapper updates for MockHttpServletRequest compatibility (#4509)
  • jstl: c:set not properly returning XML for validation (#4492)
  • ejb: stateless generics on interface superclass (#4512, rep by andreaskaltenbach)
  • ejb: stateless generics on method argument (#4514)
  • config: <class-loader> has automatic priority (#4500)
  • watchdog: signal status reporting was showing exit 0 for signals (#4508)
  • hessian: send-collection-type should always send java.util types (#4489, rep by Keith Fetterman)
  • ioc: resin:message not properly initialized (#4496, rep by Keith Fetterman)
  • ioc: env-entry does not use EL - doc update (#4516, rep by mnsh)
  • ejb: ejb-ee jar with <entity> should be skipped w/o fatal error (#4503, rep by Rick Mann)

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